Outsourcing arrangements – when a firm outsources a function or activity related to its business – have received much scrutiny and the regulators have made clear that hiring someone to provide a service does not relieve the firm of its obligation to satisfy applicable securities laws, rules and regulations. Firms and professionals cannot delegate the responsibilities for, or control over, any outsourced functions or activities. Therefore, prudence requires supervisory procedures, including due diligence measures, to ensure that your arrangements with third-party service providers are reasonably designed to achieve compliance.  Rob Moses can help you avoid pitfalls in outsourcing, whether your firm seeks a clearing arrangement, back office processing firm, email archive company, or a client relationship manager (CRM) hosting system, by helping you:

  • Address Information Security Concerns
  • Conduct Adequate Ongoing Vendor Testing and Oversight
  • Conduct Up-Front Vendor Due Diligence
  • Implement a Well-Drafted Vendor Contract
  • Make the Right Decision on Vendor Selection